asciiart.gitSome ASCII Art stuff 4 years
awksite.gitA CGI page written in GNU AWK. 4 years
blog.gitMy blog's ( data 13 months
bloom.gitCommand line utility for comparing big text files by using the bloom filter data...15 months
cbars.gitA try to rewrite loadbars in C. 3 years
consume.gitThis is a small hobby project for learning the Rust programming language. It aim...21 months
cpphomepage.gitA CGI homepage written in C++. 5 years
cpuinfo.gitAn AWK script to calculate the CPU power. 3 years
debroid.gitHow to setup a Debian GNU/Linux Jessie Jail on LG G3 D855 CyanogenMod 12 2 years
dyndns.gitSimple DynDNS script I used on my OpenBSD DSL home router 4 years
elasticsearchstuff.gitSome ElasticSearch scripts and utilities 3 years
fapi.gitSome small tool to manage BigIP LTMs via its API 3 years
fuzzy.gitAn IRC bot talking nonesense. 5 years
fype.gitAn humble attempt to build my own scripting language. 4 years
gotop.gitA small utility to monitor server I/O loads programmed in Go. 7 weeks
guprecords.gitA tool to show global uprecord stats collected on several hosts using uptimed. 3 years
hsbot.gitAn IRC bot written in Haskell 6 years
httpbench.gitA very simple http benchmarking program 3 years
icingerl.gitA small program to display the Icinga status via Shell
ioriot.gitI/O Riot is a tool for logging, replaying, and benchmarking I/O on Linux 11 days
ipv6test.gitA simple IPv6 test webpage. 3 years
irssi-plugins.gitPlugins for IRSSI. 5 years
japi.gitA command line tool to list new JIRA issues 3 years
jsmstrade.gitA client for sending SMS via 4 years
loadbars.gitScript to show real time CPU load bars. 3 years
mon.gitA command line tool to use the RESTlos Monitoring Configuration API 3 years
muttdelay.gitA bash script to delay mails written via mutt. 3 years
netcalendar.gitA simple calendar application written in Java. 5 years
netdiff.gitA command line tool to diff files accross the network. 3 years
openbooks.gitFree eBooks 4 years
perl-c-fibonacci.gitCalculate the Fibonacci sequence, the program is valid C and Perl code at the sa...4 years
perl-poetry.gitSome Perl Poetry 4 years
perldaemon.gitA 'not so minimal anymore' daemon for programmed in Perl 2 years
photoalbum.gitBash script to generate static html photo albums 3 years
pingdomfetch.gitA small Perl script to fetch availability stats from Pingdom. 3 years
playground.gitA playground for messing around 21 months
puppet-modules.gitA few public puppet modules in made 7 months
pwgrep.gitA very humble password manager for the console. 3 years
remoteexec.gitExecutes a single command remotely via sudo 3 years
requestime.gitSimple shell script to measure HTTP/s requests times using curl. 5 years
rubyfy.gitA script to execute tasks on remote servers in parallel. 2 years
sshcrack.gitA simple set of tools to crack a ssh private key phrase given a list of phrases 4 years
staticfarm-apache-handlers.gitThis are just mod_perl2 Handlers for a Static Content Farm. 3 years
supertail.gitMy custom implementation of the tail program. I call it supertail! 21 months
template.gitThis is a template project to use for building a debian package 3 years
uberwachung.gitAndroid App to use with 15 months
uptimes.gitUptime statistics of various hosts 3 years
vs-sim.gitA simulator for distributed systems programmed in Java. 3 years
worktime.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
xerl.gitA website template engine programmed in Perl 8 months